WebPagePanel sample

Anybody know sample on using WebPagePanel?

it’s really like panepanel in desktop !

I never tried desktop yet.

Is there a desktop sample on how to use panel?

Page panels are for putting multiple switchable sets of controls in the same place.

To see this in action:

  1. Add a page panel to the layout

  2. Add a label and drop it on the top left corner of the page panel.

  3. At the bottom center of the page panel, switch to the second page (index 1)

  4. Add another label and drop it on the now blank pagepanel in the bottom right corner.

  5. Add a button outside of the pagepanel, add it’s pressed event and set the code to:

    Pagepanel1.selectedPanelIndex = 1 - PagePanel1.SelectedPanelIndex

  6. Run

When you click on the button at runtime, the area where the page panel is will switch between the two labels being shown.

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Thank you!