WebPage.Width ReadOnly?

The docs say that WebPage.Width is ReadOnly. This seems wrong. I seem to be able to set it via code.

In principle, at runtime, WebPage.width and height are simply the width and height of the browser window/device. So it makes sense they should be read only, since changing that value won’t change the size of the browser window/device.

If you can change it, then it seems to be a bug that should be reported.

I just did a quick test. WebPage.Width is indeed read only.

But trying to change it should trigger an exception, and that does not happen. It simply does nothing. The original value is unchanged.

Do not attempt to move people’s web browser window.
It is quite rude.

I was just trying to optimize the display for a mobile device vs a desktop computer.

Ah, I misunderstood your intent. I am sorry.

I think I can accomplish what I want by coding manipulations of WebPage.MinWidth.

Yep. Manipulating WebPage.MinWidth via code solved this for me.