WebPage Super Changed After IDE Crash

This morning I opened an Xojo project. I added 2 button and a session property as a WebFile. I ran the project and the IDE crashed. When I opened the project to start working, some (not all) of my webpages now appear as boolean properties. The pages have also been renamed from pWebPageName to ModWebPageName.
Has anyone else had this happen. I’m using Windows 7.

When you say “appear as Boolean properties,” can you elaborate?

I have a class cAppUser. Once I opened the project after the IDE crashed I added the button and webfile back to the project then saved the project before running this time. When I ran the project there were several errors. One of the error was a duplicate name. That’s when I noticed the properties had been added to the cAppUser class with almost the same name as my webpages, but the webpages no longer exist. It seems to me the IDE changed the super from WebPage to Boolean properties. I changed the Super back to WebPage but it didn’t recover any of the controls on the page. I don’t think I had written any code for the pages affected though.

It sounds like the project file might be corrupt. I’d go grab a recent backup.

That’s my plan… thanks Greg.