webpage not updating after returning from webdialog

I have code that when I return from a webdialog I put a character in a field in the parent webpage from the webdialog. on that webpage field there is a even on change that when the character is there it runs a method that reloads a weblistbox with updated info. The code does run, verified by watching in the debugger but the weblistbox does not update on the screen. When I physically click a button on the form that calls the same method the weblistbox updates correctly. I am assuming it has something to do with focus of the webapp parent screen but cant find any reason why it is not working. Any suggestions?

Where is the code to “put a character in a textfield?” In the WebDialog.Dismissed event?


I don’t see a problem doing this in a quick example. Can you provide more specifics or some example code?

when i created a small simple app to duplicate the issue it worked as expected so it must be something else in the code i am not seeing.