I didn’t see anything on this…but I would expect it to be something obvious. When I put a WebMoviePlayer control on my webpage, what good does setting the locking do? Even if you omit the possibility of “scaling” a movie to match the vertical and horizontal positions – you should at least be able to “lock” a fixed size movie to the Right or Bottom edge of the browser window yes? It seem that no matter what I do, the control is always locked to the exact positioning of the window at DESIGN time. If I allow my webpage to be resized, the movie player may obscure other controls as it stubbornly refuses the budge from it’s initial location. Why doesn’t locking work on a WebMoviePlayer Control?

Ok, if it.s a stupid question, just let me know. The answer RTFM (Read the Flipping Manual) is fine if I’ve overlooked something obvious. Perhaps I didn’t do a deep enough dive, or maybe nobody else experiences this problem. Maybe this is a elementary noob question. I suppose I may be able to set to positioning in code. I just figured, that’s what the position “locks” are for. Don’t see why the movie player control doesn’t seem to honor those locks.

I noticed the same when designing RubberViewsWE. The MoviePlayer simply does not move.

The only way to go around that is to encase it into a WebContainer. The Webcontainer will move at will. That is what I do in my demo.

Thanks for the Tip Michel, I figured I could do something like that. Seems like an oversight that MoviePlayer can’t move. I’ll look and see if this has been reported as a bug. Guessing that placing the MoviePlayer inside a WebContainer will have the same localized limitations – If I expand the web container and lock the Move-Player inside the container, I’m guessing it won’t scale. It’s probably stuck at whatever position it reside in the WebContainer. I wouldn’t really expect it to scale…though “pictures” scale perfectly in image controls…so I can dream right?