`WebMoviePlayer.HasController` has no effect?

The documentation states that the WebMoviePlayer.HasController property toggles whether the player displays its controller.

MoviePlayer1.HasController = False // Shouldn't this hide the play/pause controller?
MoviePlayer1.MovieURL = "http://storage.pupilence.com/Xojo Physics Demo 1.mp4"

Perhaps I’m misunderstanding what the controller is but I don’t see any difference if this is True or False. I always see this:

Shouldn’t these overlays be suppressed or are they not what is referred to as the “controller”?

If you set the HasController property to False in the IDE’s inspector then the controls are hidden. However, setting HasController to False using code (either in the MoviePlayer’s Opening or Shown events doesn’t seem to work).

Also, even if you manage to hide the controls then the end user can still re-enable them simply by right-clicking the movie player in the browser:

Is there a way to prevent the video being downloaded through the above contextual menu? I was hoping to protect the video’s content, at least to the average user.

Can you open a bug report?

Maybe with some JavaScript you can disable the contextualmenu but the URL is showing on the page’s code.

#71883 - WebMoviePlayer.HasController has no effect when set via code


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