Webmapviewer's pixel location

Hi all,
does anybody know a way to get from a WebMapViewer object the Latitude and Longitude values of a specific pixel position, without “being forced” to use a click event to get those values?

That info is provided by the google map api in connection with their click event, so I doubt it (without a lot of work).

Thanks for your clarification… I’ll try to find a workaround :wink:

I’ll be poking around the Google maps api classes that I wrote along with fixing Google’s gbound api function (doesn’t take the north or south pole parallels into consideration) tomorrow and forward you a copy to see if it can’t work out the square map bounds with lat. and long… figured I’d post here as well in case the question ever arises again… think it should be simplified using the google polygons api rather than the Javascript and haversine formula I shared via email. :slight_smile: polygons automatically take lat and long into consideration and can be square or any defined shape.

Is this what you were looking to achieve?

Advanced Google APIs

Let me know if you need it modified further :slight_smile:

Great job Matthew! :slight_smile:
I’ve just answered to your email… as I said, that’s exactly what I was looking for :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot!