WebMapViewer on https


I have xojo (latest version) but I’ve built a webapp on RS 2012R2. The webapp is on https etc and the webmapviewer control is blocked because it’s considered not secure by chrome and firefox. On firefox I managed to just disable the secure setting and the map worked but not on chrome and in the end I need the map to always show without changes to security etc.

Is this “fixed” on a newer version or is there some setting I need to use etc instead?

Thanks in advance

There’s a case for it: <https://xojo.com/issue/32887>

ok, I saw it. I know xojo dev doesn’t give timings but it’s quite urgent, is there any “workarounds” for the time being or a hot fix somewhere?

Should I contact support instead?

I mean, I saw it’s fixed but how long until available? hours/days/weeks/months?

Sorry for the pushy behavior, just need to do some planning etc…