WebMapViewer Locked

I’ve got a wierd bug with the WebMapViewer. In my actual project, the Google Map can’t be moved with the mouse neither the Zoom factor can be changed by clicking the map controls.

When clicking on the zoom controls, zoom changes but is brought back to its original value as if the value was automatically reset.

Changes induced by code do work as normal. In a new projet, it works as expected.

Can’t find the source of the problem. My project used to work well. I use some prefab plugins but I can’t tell if it is related or not since I observed that behaviour a while after adding them to my project.

It seems that Google updated their API but since it it still working in a fresh project, it is hard to tell if it is related to that change or not.

By the way, I don’t know a lot about Javascript…

I tried deactivating the plugins without success…

Any one has a clue?

Thanks in advance!


I finally found which plugin is causing the problem. I’ll try to find a solution with the creator.