WebMapViewer info

I am using the WebMapViewer in xojo 2021 object I would like to understand how to do when the user clicks on the map to understand in which length or point to click ?

the WebMapViever control doesn’t work (at least for now), or rather, important parts to use that control don’t work. For example, it is not possible to add more WebMapLocation type locations and the related pins and labels, only the .search method (address) works, but it is a technically useless check and this since the first release of xojo 2021. Also, the new xojo documentation lists methods that don’t exist … such as WebMapViewer.Update that exists in the documentation but identifies it as an error. I don’t understand why xojo con tem fixes these bugs but for now it is.

stefano… il controllo funzionava benino solo nella release 2019.rx , poi lo hanno dimenticato