WebmapLocation in WebMapViewer only in debug mode

Any idea why showing a WebMapLocation in a WebMapViewer works only in debug mode?


I use this code in the open event handler of the WebMapViewer:

[code]FFLocation = New WebMapLocation

FFLocation.APIKey = “aaa”
FFLocation.Latitude = 47.503198
FFLocation.Longitude = 8.545502
FFLocation.Icon = WebLocationIconFF
FFLocation.Title = “WebLocation”
FFLocation.Animated = True


MapViewer1.Zoom = 17[/code]

As already said, in debug mode it works with no problem, as bilt cgi web app not anymore!?
The error I found was Google Maps API error: MissingKeyMapError
(I use a Browser type API Key)

What is the difference between debug mode and built app?

[quote=278813:@christian breu]The error I found was Google Maps API error: MissingKeyMapError
(I use a Browser type API Key)[/quote]
Well, if this is your error then it’s likely that your problem is that you’re using an invalid Google API key.

The difference is probably the IP address that the request is coming from. Google throttles requests for people who don’t sign an agreement not to abuse their system and if you’re doing a lot of requests, you may need to pay a fee.

Thank you Greg.
Wrong key or no key. The key is set by copy/paste, what more can I do…!?
Is there a way to observe that?

There are 3 pages.
WebMapViewer is on page 3 but the error already occurs after the app launched (main page without WebMapViewer on it)

Has anyone a working sample for Version 2016R2?

The only other thing I can suggest is to contact google. It could be that in the past they’ve received a lot of failures from your server’s ip and blocked it indefinitely.

Another thought though… the app must be able to reach Google’s servers as well, could it be a firewall or other security measure is preventing that?