Weblistboxstylerenderer cellonly=false does not work

On Windows 11 Xojo 2014r1.1
I have a weblistboxstylerenderer that works fine if I apply the style to only a single cell. But if I set cellonly = false it does not apply the style to any of the cells. It should apply the style to the entire row. Has anyone else seen this issue?

Var cell As New WebListBoxStyleRenderer(style, CCELL(8))
cell.CellOnly = False
dispatchlist.CellTextAt(DispatchList.LastAddedRowIndex, 8) = cell

Can you create a bug report with sample project on Issues?

Either never worked or stopped working at some point.

I will try to create a bug report when I get a few minutes. I was hoping that someone had this same issue and maybe had a workaround other than assigning the style one cell at a time.