Can i Print all the Data of the WebListBox.

Not Directly.

I wish there were a Webloistpox1.print command but there is not.

I dump the contents to a .csv file and force the download of that file and them print/play with it in excel.

I take the data from the listbox create an HTML file for download that displays the data in a table.

Web Custom Controls has a control which lets you take an HTML “snapshot” of any control on your page. Some users use this feature as the starting point for a simple printing system. See the WebGetHtmlTD page in the online demo.

@Daniel Taylor
Have you converted your controls to use our WebSDK yet?

Still working on it. I’m not having problems with the WebSDK. I’m having problems finding the time to finish due to client work (which is a good thing, just annoying that I don’t have more free time). It’s coming.