WebListbox Vertical Scroll

Does anyone know of a way to sync the vertical scroll position of 2 WebListbox’s or is it possible to always show the first column of a WebListbox while allowing the user to move the rest of the WebListbox horizontally?

There were discussions on the forum on the topic of synchronizing two listboxes. You should be able to find them.

Also, the Graffiti Suite web grid is immensely customizable. I don’t remember whether you can freeze columns or rows, but it is worth a look. @Anthony Cyphers, the author, is a very helpful individual who will surely help you if you need more information.

Louis thanks for the reply, I did find some conversations on the forum about synchronizing two list boxes but they were targeted at Desktop ( which has built in methods to support such an action) not Web. However, I totally forgot about Graffiti Suite. Will continue to search there. Thanks