WebListbox unusable after adding string containing unicode characters


I’m pulling text from a MySQL database (DEFAULT COLLATE utf8_general_ci) I define the TextEncoding as Encodings.UTF8. When a string containing non-ascii characters (eg. Áine, or Pádraig) is added to a WebListbox using AddRow, the list doesn’t get updated and can mo longer have any rows added (no matter what type of string) until the app is restarted.

Has anyone come across this or would anyone know a workaround?

(Xojo 2023 Release 3)

Thanks, Chris

Some sample code emulating/showing the problem would help.

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Thanks Rick. I have actually solved the problem. I believe the Encoding got a bit mixed up (I was copying and pasting some of the text). Once I cleared the rows and reinserted from plain text, everything work okay.

Thanks again - Chris

in a web app you must really be sure that any string you send to the framework is UTF8
or really weird things can happen…

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