WebListbox: Transparent background possible ?

I’ve been wondering if there’s a way to make a WebListbox’s background transparent.
I’ve tried setting the Opacity style property for the entire control but that (unsurprisingly) fades the rows/header content too.
I just need the whitespace of the control to be transparent, or semi-transparent.
Is this possible?


I’m not sure if it works but you could try to set the background to white and the opacity to zero (FFFFFF00) in the WebStyle.

That would have been too easy :slight_smile:
This is precisely what I tried doing and didn’t work. If I set the opacity to zero, the WebListbox becomes invisible (which makes perfect sense)

It would take an extraordinary amount of work to work in JavaScript around the Weblistbox background color management, in order to get transparency.

Maybe with CSS


This thread has some information that may be helpful. I hope Xojo adds the transparency feature with Web 2.0

Case 56364 requests just that and probably is not a very big of an effort for the Xojo team to implement it.
So, anyone who thinks it’s an important feature to have, please support 56364 with your points.

Thanks Alberto.