Weblistbox Touch Page Scrolling

I’ve noticed that with the weblistbox and a touch enabled device you cannot place your finger on the listbox and scroll the web page up and down. Like you can with say a picture or label object. Has anyone else seen this issue and is the a work around?

Does double finger scrolling work? If I remember correctly (correct me if I’m wrong), the Listbox is a div that uses overflow for scrolling. I’m not entirely sure how that plays with touch scrolling, but I’d be curious to find out.

Nope two finger scrolling does not work either.

I have no problem scrolling rows in a WebListBox on my Android device, with a single finger. If I want to move the page with my finger, however, I must place my finger outside the WebListBox.

It’s not a bug. The listbox supports touch scrolling, so you’ll need to touch outside of the listbox to scroll the page.

Labels and Picture contents are not scrollable.

I would assume the control could be improved by Xojo so that if the scrolling isn’t needed or you reach the end of the scrolling that it will continue to scroll the page (or parent element)