WebListBox strange header column alignment

Hi guys Im getting a strange misalignment of headers and columns, and can’t for the life of me work out why its happening.
I loaded a Xojo example project and the alignment is fine on it.

So I must have a strange set of circumstances in my project for this to occur.

Im doing everything in code.
Adding columns using column count, and adding header names via code
and using addRow to add the data. have tried percent as well as normal= always the same.

Has any body ever gotten this alignment in a weblistbox before?
If so did you find out what caused it?

Thanks all, appreciate the time

Regards James

and now it is all good because I looked at it with a funny face.
Know idea but its back to normal

James, I am having the same behavior. I was told there was a feedback ticket for it. Do you remember changing anything even though you state [quote]no idea but it’s back to normal[/quote]? I have tried reordering the property settings the open event / shown event of the weblistboxes along with even removing styles to see if that changed it. - No luck.

Sorry no, it eventually just worked. All though it is still out by a few pixels each row (cumulatively). I suspect it’s something to do with the base Css for my project.

i dont know if you guys could help, but i suspect this is linked to the following case :-
Feedback Case #44591

if you could assign it some feedback points we may get it fixed quicker.
its up to 24th place at the moment

On holiday at moment will have a look when I get back

Ive never used the feedback ranking system before, so I hope Ive done the right thing? I placed it as my top priority, and I think I bumped it to 20th from 24th

Great news @James Nicholson-Plank

I think we should ask @Geoff Perlman if he could add his points to it :slight_smile:

Web listbox needs some love Geoff.