Weblistbox. row highlight color

It would be really once to not be forced to use that icky blue when trying to work with a corporate style guide.

Frustratingly I did a feature request search in Feedback for this. Turns out I submitted it over two hearts ago and it moved to the blackhole status of “Reviewed”

19813 - Weblistbox: Give us a highight row color property.

Does anybody have a work around?

WebStyleTD in the upcoming release of Web Custom Controls will support this. I’ve got to finish something important for a client and I’m behind right now. If you can wait until this coming weekend I can get you a prerelease copy of the upcoming WebStyleTD class.

The feature you’re looking for is there and working now, but I’ve got to cleanup and test/double check a few things in that class. I can’t divert time until what I’m working on right now is done.