WebListBox: retrieving multiple selected row tags, not working

Maybe I am missing something and doing it completely wrong or maybe it’s just not working, but I have the following problem:
I have a simple weblistbox and a button in a pagedialog, the weblistbox has 2 or more entries at least and the multipleselection enabled. What I am trying to achieve is to retrieve the rowtag values for each selected row by the user, however the code I am using is not working and only gives me the rowtag of last clicked (selected) row even if multiple we’re selected. here is a sample code I am using:

Var selections() As Integer
For row As Integer = 0 To webListBox.RowCount - 1
  If webListBox.Selected(row) Then
    Var tagVal As Integer = webListBox.RowTagAt(row).TypeInteger
    System.DebugLog("processing row index: " + row.ToString + ", with the tag value of: " + tagval.ToString)
  End If

What am I doing wrong here?

IntegerValue not TypeInteger

Oups. Typo. However, it still doesn’t work.

So what are you getting?

The same result as in the initial problem. Only the last selected row.

Forgot to ask, are you using Xojo 2021r1.1?

Yes, 2021r1.1.

If have the same problem.It does"t work if you use the CTRL key on Windows (Browser). But it works with Safari on macOS. And it is independant on which OS the server runs.

There is still an error report with this problem in the state reproducible.

So… it’ a Xojo bug and not my code?

As I understand yes. Please search in the Feedback tool. There is an item with this error - - I don’t know the number any more, sorry