WebListBox Multi-Line Behavior

It seems that if a column in a WebListBox has embedded EndOfLine characters it displays that cell with multiple lines regardless of the Multi-Line property. I tried the design time setting and explicitly setting multi-line to false in the WebPage Show event but it does not change the behavior when the cell contains explicit EndOfLine characters.

If true what would be a good work around?

I can think of two:

  1. Replace all of the EndOfLine values with some dummy value and when retrieving the line replace the dummy value back to EndOfLine. I don’t think I will need to observe the difference in Windows versus Mac since the app will always run on Windows and testing will always be on a Mac with a different local database (both MySQL).

  2. Locate the first EndOfLine and truncate the text at that point and put just that part in the cell but put the full text in the CellTag for that cell so I could retrieve it for editing. Is this a good use of the CellTag? My text could be up to 2,000 characters long. Generally there will only be 1-2 rows in a WebListBox but the max might be as many as maybe 10.

Suggestions? I think I like #1 best unless anybody has figured out something better.