weblistbox lastindex?

Observe this image:

I can’t figure out why I’m getting an out of bounds exception in this method.
It seems like lastindex is 0 but there is no list in the listbox.
i is 0, n is 0, Columns is 4…
Was it intended to be lastindex-1? The document says:

If there is no list, then lastIndex will = -1 and cell(0, 0) will be OOB. You will need to check for LastIndex = -1 in your code.

Also, LastIndex is the index of the last added row… Even if you inserted at row zero, it would be set to zero. Use ListCount to get the number of rows.

[b]n = joblistbox.lastindex for i=0 to n[/b]

If lastindex was -1 how did anything in this loop get executed?