WebListBox in WebDialog problem

i have a problem with the listbox inside of a webdialog, the header appear but the content not.

Google Drive TestWebDialogApi2-11.xojo_binary_project

Same here, the problem with Weblistbox in a dialog was reported during testing but I didn’t see that case number as having been fixed.

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First a little history about why this bug exists in the first place…

The major issue is that to render the listbox correctly, we have to be able to partially render bits and pieces of it to the screen (at least to the screen buffer) for certain runtime measurements to take place. Now, when a WebListBox is placed on a view where it’s not visible when the control is put down, these measurements can’t happen when it is first rendered and you get what you are seeing in your screenshot. Now as you know, we went to great lengths to get all of the controls to have the ability to accept initialization code in the Opening event, but unfortunately this is not one of those times where that works.

For now you can somewhat get around this bug by changing a property in the listbox’s Shown event, like this:

me.SelectedRowColor = me.SelectedRowColor

It’s close anyway. It still always renders the content area as if headers are present, so you may need to make it a little taller if you don’t use headers.

All that said, we are working on this problem as it also affects non-visible tabs of WebTabPanel and WebPagePanel.


This is what annoys me about feedback.


I raised this on 10th September with a simple project attached and on the same day it’s status was changed to reproducible, why was this simple workaround not added to the feedback case.
Perhaps if I had not bothered raising it through feedback and had just posted on the forum I’d have got a workaround / solution quicker.

I’m starting to see why people are starting to veer away from using Xojo as their professional development tool. It feels to me that it is becoming more of a hobbyists tool, the adding of too many different platforms has not helped, Android, Web 2.0 and IOS have taken a lot of the development time away from the desktop platform which is where I expect most of your customers that use Xojo to make a living actually code for.

Realbasic / Xojo was once a great tool to create cross platform applications but now I fear it’s being pushed and marketed in the wrong direction, which is a shame to see.