WebListBox -- how to get out of an all-rows selected situation?

If one happens to select all the rows in a WebListBox with no header, there appears to be no way to back off from that and be more selective. Clicking on just one row does not change anything, nor does clicking outside of the listbox. I am probably missing something obvious, but how does one move away from an all-rows-selected situation? (Using 2022r1.1.)

I have this case #65546 WebListbox - can’t deselect a row by clicking on an empty area

I haven’t looked for a workaround. Maybe Ricardo can provide something?


Are you using Row Selection Type: Multiple ? If I select everything and then I click on one of the rows, everything else gets deselected.

Edit: I wasn’t aware of that one @AlbertoD, thank you.


Ricardo was right. If the WebListBox.SelectionType is “Multiple,” then clicking on a row selects only the single row (deselecting the others). If the selection type is “Single” or not specified, then it doesn’t work. This is related to the bug #68934, in that selecting “Single” does not prevent you from going ahead and selecting multiple rows.

However, this problem for me apparently resulted from another issue. In the app that I was developing, the WebListBox in question (which was behaving as I described) did not have anything selected in the IDE under selection type, and when I clicked on the popup menu to choose something, it did not allow me to choose anything (the menu did not pop up). So I replaced the WebListBox with a new WebListBox, and deleted the old one, and everything worked fine with the new list box. So somehow the original WebListBox had gotten corrupted in that particular project. (This may have something to do with moving the app from Web API 1 to 2.)