WebListbox Heading Style

How do you apply styles to WebListbox headings? I want some columns aligned center, others left, and others right. ColumnStyle does not seem to be applied to the headings.

I have functions in Studio Stable Web Essentials for this. In the demo, click “#2” from segment control at top left, then “List” in segment control top right, then select a column from the listbox, click “Left”, “Center”, “Right” buttons.


Unfortunately you don’t. Weblistbox box is extremely anemic in XOJO.

Looking at feedback there is arequest from 2011:
15608 - weblistbox heading should have style property

It was reviewed, and that’s all that ever happened to it.

Thanks Jay. This was a problem in Real Studio Web Edition also. I had hope it had been resolved. I will dig out my old code and create custom headers like long ago.