WebListBox HeaderStyle

I placed a WebListBox in a WebContainer and placed that WebContainer in a modal WebDialog. I passed an array string to populate the WebListBox’s headers at runtime. I can’t seem to effect the WebListBox’s headerstyle. It’s not working when I placed it in the WebListBox’s open event. Not also working after the method that populates the headings.

I attached a simple project file for any one to see. Thank you.

link text

Have you tried setting it in the designer?

Hello Brian, yes, I did as shown in the sample project that I uploaded. It works on the webpage itself but not on a modal dialog.

In the open event of the weblistbox itself i try to set the style and it seems ignored.

I’ll wait for sometime for others to chime in. Maybe someone knows how to handle this. If none, I will create a ticket. Thanks, Brian.

I got it solved. In every column heading iteration, I assigned the style

  For intCounter As Integer = 0 To arrHeaders.Ubound
   ListBoxItemsList.ColumnHeaderStyle(intCounter) = StyleListHeader
    ListBoxItemsList.Heading(intCounter) = arrHeaders(intCounter)