WebListBox HeaderStyle

I have set a custom HeaderStyle for a WebListBox.
I have set the property directy in properties pane of the IDE.
I have also set a initial ColumnCount.
When i run the project the WebListbox renders well.
When I try to change the ColumnCount adding columns to the listbox, the new columns appears with the default (xojo) style and i can’t change the header style in any way.

Does anybody have suggestions about the steps to draw correctly the weblistbox ?

Please file a bug report about that.

Hi! Another issue, i think…

I’m trying to remove the separator dash between columns of weblistbox header.

Is there a way to remove it?

And … is there a way to make the scroll bar “invisible”



What you want to do is possible, but not in pure Xojo. It would require JavaScript.

In pure Xojo, you can remove the header in the IDE, and place a WebCanvas above the WebListBox.

If you have less rows than the height of the WebListBox, the ScrollBar will not appear. Same thing for the horizontal ScrollBar, which appears when there are more columns that the width of the WebListBox.

Can you not set the left and right border width to zero?

Does not work. Zero, None, White color, "transparent color"… nothing works!

Only on column separators of weblistbox heading

Hi there!

This is what i have:

This is what i need:

Look at the css “border-right” code change.

Any one can help me with javascript code to do this change?