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Any place we can get that promotional info for free… geeez… what’s up with the marketing strategy charging for informational assets that might capture new clients !?

Roman, XDC presentations are not promotional info. A great deal of them are done by users like me.

When Xojo engineers show they work in progress, it does not mean at all it is ready, or that it will be exactly like it shows. As a matter of fact, Xojo iOS presentations appeared years before it became available in 2015. And the presentations did not look at all like the actual product.

I clearly remember that presentation where one could select button styles among dozens… When Xojo iOS came, there was simply no way to style buttons at all !

XDC is a convention, where developers can schmooze and feel part of a greater community. Where they can exchange ideas in ways different than this forum.

Until Web 2.00 is actually available, it would be foolish to assume what was showed at XDC will be the actual release. Even more foolish would be to base business decisions on such presentations.