Weblistbox Header to Column Alignment

I have what I am calling a basic weblistbox.

Weblistbox OPEN Event

me.HasHeading = true me.ColumnCount= 4 me.heading(0) = "Display Name" me.heading(1) = "Company" me.heading(2) = "Role" me.heading(3) = "Status" me.ColumnWidths = "30%,30%, 30%, 10%"

There are no styles associated with this weblistbox.

When the listbox is displayed, the columns do not align with the headers.

I shared a screenshot on google drive that is not rendering here.
Here is the link to the image

Any ideas or thoughts? The cell data has been verified to not have additional whitespace nor does the column header values.

Thanks in advance.

This is happening for me too. I think someone has put in a Feedback report.

Thanks for your reply David.

What version of Xojo?

Mine is with the latest beta plus 2016r1.1. I use lots of WebStyles, so I thought it was a result of that.

Hi David,
have you submitted a feedback case?

No, I haven’t.

I’ll make one.


I have had this issue on weblistboxes since one of the 2015 releases mot sure which one. I was under the impression that it happens when either the header or the cells have a style that defines borders. I also thought I saw a feedback report on the issue, so did not report it again.

on Windows 10, any browser.

The error seems also connected to column widths expressed using relative values (%,*).
A reliable way to reproduce the alignment error is setting the weblistbox.visible=false and back to true.


Ive just tested R2.1 and its still as bad. I’ve given it my top rank in feedback, and its up to 65th place now


Now is 24th.



Hopefully others will use feedback points to get it further up the list as it really is quite a huge problem!

I’m hitting this issue now… (2018 R4)

Is there any workaround ? (besides making the listbox columns fixed size)

Can’t believe that such an important issue is still around…

Ideas ?

Did you tested it against Xojo 2019r3 ?

The bug report is not closed (so the bug is still there IMHO).

I checked the bug status in the feedback app…

Xojo is actively working on Web 2.00, which promises to be the next step in Web apps.

I get the feeling that old bugs may not be fixed, now.

Hey Muchel… Do you know what will be the changes brought by web 2.0?
Also, IMHO this bug should be fixed already. Listbox not drawing their headers right is a serious thing…

I don’t know yet what Web 2.00 will be . Perhaps people who went to XDC will have more insight.

Right now I am waiting to see the first implementation to work on a new RubberViewsWE.

As for the Weblistbox, All I know is given it’s structure in two tables, one for the header, and the other for the content, it may be difficult to synchronize columns. I believe it should be fixable with some JavaScript (actually probably quite some), but all my time is taken by a big Android project, so I won’t be able to help.

If you went to XDC or bought the videos Greg demoed much of the changes in his Web 2.0 session.

It looks amazing. Just need it to ship! :slight_smile: