WebListbox Header problem?

Im not sure why this is happening. Im reading from a database into a weblistbox. Im setting the cell value. For some reason it is picking up the code and inserting that into the header. Can anyone help me understand what is going on? Here is the code:

For i As Integer = 1 To rs.RowCount
  Rec = New RecordClass_W2Configuration
  Rec.Col0_FieldID = rs.Column("dbW2Field").StringValue
  Rec.Col1_XHorizontal = Str(rs.Column("dbW2FieldX").IntegerValue)
  Rec.Col2_YVertical = Str(rs.Column("dbW2FieldY").IntegerValue)
  Rec.Col3_VariableValue = UnScrambleString(rs.Column("dbW2FieldDescription").StringValue)
  W2ConfigListBox.CellTextAt(W2ConfigListBox.LastAddedRowIndex, 0) = New StyleClass_ListboxEditableCell(Rec.Col1_XHorizontal)
  W2ConfigListBox.CellTextAt(W2ConfigListBox.LastAddedRowIndex, 1) = New StyleClass_ListboxEditableCell(Rec.Col2_YVertical)
  W2ConfigListBox.CellTextAt(W2ConfigListBox.LastAddedRowIndex, 2) = Rec.Col3_VariableValue
  W2ConfigListBox.RowTagAt(W2ConfigListBox.LastAddedRowIndex) = Rec
  s = "   "+rs.Column("dbW2Field").StringValue
  s=s+", "+Str(rs.Column("dbW2FieldX").IntegerValue)
  s=s+", "+Str(rs.Column("dbW2FieldY").IntegerValue)
  s=s+", "+UnScrambleString(rs.Column("dbW2FieldDescription").StringValue)
  sAuditString.Add s

Here is a picture of what it is looks line on screen.

Hi Jeffery, I know there’s a bool property of WebListBox called “HasHeader”, and by default it’s True. I didn’t see where you’re adding the Headers e.g., HeaderAt(index As Integer) As String

Here is the code from the WebListbox open event.

W2ConfigListBox.ColumnWidths = "20%,20%,60%"
W2ConfigListBox.HeaderAt(0) = "X (Horizontal)" 'editable
W2ConfigListBox.HeaderAt(1) = "Y (Vertical)" 'editable

Select Case Session.iPopupWindow(0)
Case 1 ' W2
  W2ConfigListBox.HeaderAt(2) = "W2 Box"
Case 2 ' W2 L4UP
  W2ConfigListBox.HeaderAt(2) = "W2 Box"
Case 3 ' W3
  W2ConfigListBox.HeaderAt(2) = "W3 Box"
Case 4 ' 1099
  W2ConfigListBox.HeaderAt(2) = "1099 Box"
Case 5 ' 1096
  W2ConfigListBox.HeaderAt(2) = "1096 Box"
End Select

Can you see any JavaScript error in the browser’s console?

Yes I can. Here is a picture of what I’m seeing.

It seems that cell renderer probably needs to handle an edge case or something. Pressing on the first link should give you more info and context.

Here is the only one that can be expanded. Im not making anything of it. Maybe all this means something to you.

Were you able to see what you are looking for?

That seems to be a third party cell renderer. The author might be able to know more about what could be happening.

I don’t use third party software. Turns out my class was missing out of the bootstrap and it was giving that weird cell content.