WebListBox editing

The WebListBox does not allow the user to edit a cell content.

Is there a way to get the position and the size of the area (rectangle) of the active cell during a CellClick event ?

In this way i can move a WebTextField in that position and simulate a grid like a spreadsheet.

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

You would need to dig into the DOM on the client side, find your cell, get its offsetTop, offsetLeft, offsetWidth, and offsetHeight, then report those to your web app. Pretty advanced stuff there. You’d use a custom web control to wrap all that up.

Working on such a control. Should be half-ready in about a week

Hi Alex.

Do you managed to finish your editable weblistbox control?, its something many of us will find useful.

Best regards.

Indeed. Has textfields, checkboxes and dropdown menus. Works, however I’d need to rework it quite heavily for public disclosure

Alex, any news regarding this control?