WebListBox double click Web 2.0

DoublePressed (DoubleClick) does not fire???

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Yeah… try triple click >_< I know…

If the row is already highlighted, then a double-click with unhighlight then call the event. I have a FR in for this.

Doubleclick seems to be triple click plus it moves the selection to the next row. I have to do a:

    Me.SelectedRowIndex = row

on the doublepressed event to return selection to the correct row

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My point is that currently a DoublePressed Event can return Me.SelectedRowIndex as -1 ie no Row selected, depending on whether the Row was selected or not before the double-click.

Yes, I am experiencing the same bug. Double-clicking changes the selected row for some interesting reason… Hmm.

I ended up having to do somethig like this in the doublepressed event

Me.SelectedRowIndex = row