weblistbox does not display non-english characters


I am running a web app from Xojo Cloud, which reads data from MySQL database.
Under the “Username” field some data is in a different language, i.e. non ascii character, and as a result I get an error message.
Is there a way to display these characters in a weblistbox cell, or at least identify the non-ascii characters and omit the record?

Thank you

Make sure when you read the text from the database that you are setting the encoding properly.

Hi Greg,

After your suggestion and a bit of surfing in the forum I came accross a discussion titled
App json exception
where the solution was to add the following 2 lines before any database queries:
{db connection object}.SQLExecute(“set names utf8 collate utf8_general_ci”)
{db connection object}.SQLExecute(“set character set utf8”)
That did it!

Thank you guys for the support and the informative forum.
Take care