Weblistbox diagonal stripes

I’m using Xojo2022r4.1.

In my webapp there is a Weblistbox that loads few records (<10 at the moment) from a SQLite database with the AddRow method in the “Shown” event of the webpage (but the result is the same even using the “Shown” event of the listbox).

When opening the web page, for a few fractions of a second, a series of diagonal stripes appear which are ugly to see and give the perception of a slow loading to the user.

Is there a (not too complicated) way to get rid of these stripes?

P.S. I tried the method of the DataSource implementation, without results, but it could be that I did something wrong, I’m not very experienced…

Try this code in the App HTML Header:

div.dts div.dataTables_scrollBody {
    background: white;

Great, it works! Thank you very much! :blush: