WebListBox DataSource Reload Finished Event

Jeannot - I am pretty sure @Greg_O_Lone and the team can make something happen here. The “curtain” effect isn’t the most visually appealing way to show that data is being loaded. Sometimes the curtain will hang there indefinitely and like Brock said, the curtain might also appear at the top of the WebListbox. Greg is obviously a very talented developer and I’m sure he can either come up with a refined design for this and/or leverage additional functionality of the underlying tools that drive WebListbox. Even better, expose more customization options for Xojo developers to customize these behaviours.

I really do appreciate how much work it must take for the Xojo team to deliver on all of these feature requests from the community. I hope Greg knows, even through the noise, that many of us are impressed by what Web 2.0 is currently delivering in terms of features and functionality. The curtain effect is not a “show-stopping bug” but it’s one of those things that could hopefully be addressed soon because that strange effect will almost certainly confound some of our users.

This effect would be quite nice - showing the row number as you’re scrolling and “Loading…” or “Updating…” as you scroll through. Maybe in the Inspector under Behaviour have an option for “Loading Rows Message: xxxxxxxxxxxx”. And option(s) for showing current record # as you scroll. Maybe it’s time for me to file a feature request :slight_smile:

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Any of those UI messages must be user set. So, someone can set the “Loading…” message as “Carregando mais dados…” or “Attendez, chargement en cours.”, etc. Such message could persist while the curtain persists. An empty value will let just the curtain without the atop message.

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Thanks Rick. Are you saying that there is a property that we can use currently at runtime to set such a message or are you suggesting this is how it should work and giving a nudge to Greg to add this functionality to a future build. :slight_smile:

WebListBox is one of those key controls, like so many others, that could be further enhanced and make Xojo Web a truly compelling tool for developing enterprise-grade, database-driven web apps! This is a truly exciting time to be a Xojo developer!

I was adding more data to your proposal.

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