Weblistbox.DataSource not dynamic?

I as delighted to see WebListbox has a DataSource property which works together with the DataSource interface und thought it would be an ideal way to handle longer lists in a Web app without having to implement a paging mechanism to keep the app responsive.
Sadly, I could not figure out how to update the listbox after changes to the datasource.

When I use the IDE example (Web/Controls/ListboxDataSource) and change the code of the button’s Action event handler so that it adds another name, nothing happens. A RefreshCell on the newly added cells results in an OutOfBounds exception, and assigning the Datasource instance to the listbox again after adding a name simply does nothing.

Is the interface not meant for dynamic handling of data? Or did I miss some information?

It seems that DataSource interface was something left in ListBoxes and no more used.
This was already reported in this forums but I don’t have the reference at hand.
Please, make a search on this forum.


Thanks, Maurizio. That’s why I posted my question: I could find discussions about Desktop Listbox’ DataSource where the DataControl class was used but none about the Weblistbox.