The problem is that, for example, line 200 prints 44 as Row

This is the xojo example Web->WebSDK->WebListBox->Button Cell

Thank You


Me.HeaderAt(0) = “Column 1”
Me.HeaderAt(1) = “Column 2”
Me.HeaderAt(2) = “Column 3”

// When adding more than one column of data, you can only use strings
For i As Integer = 0To 200
Me.AddRow “One”, i.ToString

Var row As Integer = Me.LastAddedRowIndex
// Custom cells can only be assigned individually
var ButtonArray1() As String

Me.CellValueAt(row,2) = New ButtonColumn(ButtonArray1)
Next i

Print str(row) + “:” + str(column) + “:” + identifier + “:” + value

Looks like this is still an issue in the latest version Xojo 2022 r1.1
Example Projects
Web->WebSDK->WebListBox Cell Renderers->Button Cell

Problem: CustomCellAction event returns wrong row, if weblistbox has more than 20+ rows, and you you scroll through the rows in the listbox quickly especially when you get the light blue diagonal lines.
Recreate: Change the project example to create 200 rows instead of 20 like in Karsten’s example, scroll through the list quickly, select a row and then press the Edit button in Column3, it returns the wrong row number that the Edit button was pressed on. The row number returned is not off by one, it’s off by many.

I can’t find a bug/feedback case for this, but maybe I’m doing something wrong. I’m sure other developers would have already run into this issue.
Thanks for any assistance.