WebListbox ColumnWidth = 0%

I’ve created a WebListbox with 7 columns and defined the 1st, 5th column with a width of 0%.
The heading if the columns looks fine, but before the first column a litte part of the cell-content of cell( x,0) was placed in the row
The other cell with a width of 0% is not shown … fine!

So it looks to be a bug. @XOJO-dev-team: Will this be fixed soon or should I use an aux-Array to track the content …
(Because I’m testing the WebApp and try to port an existing program to the web, using an aux-array would be easier to implement then move the content of column 0 to another column)

Moving this to Web as it is not related to the WebSDK.

Just use an auxiliary array. You have a clever approach, but you’re relying heavily on edge case problem testing to make it work visually.

Could you use the data you are trying to hide and store it in a celltag property since those are hidden anyways?

The WebListBox was designed to discourage using hidden columns to store data the user should not see. Because the UI (wether visible or not) is sent to the browser, the hidden columns’ data would still be visible in the client code. Maybe that doesn’t matter to you, maybe it does. The point was to avoid revealing something the developer intended to be hidden.

Besides, hidden columns were a cheap hack used before celltag/rowtag existed. They are a bad habit that developers should break. Use celltag and rowtag instead, this job is precisely what they were designed for.