WebListBox column widths and Horizontal Scroll Bars...

I have a WebListBox that I am trying to set some sensible widths for.
I can go through all the rows of a column and get the maximum width of the string in the cell and set the column width to that.
(or the average or a percent.)

I’m curious though how the length of the string relates to the text encoding and font etc that actually displays the text.
Because I wasn’t able to figure that out I decided to use the average length of each columns string and then setting columnWidths using a percentage of 100%
But then I loose the horizontal scroll bar, which I guess makes sense as the ‘width’ of the control is anchored ?

Help. I need a horizontal scroll bar!

Its on my wishlist too. But I think all weblistbox development has stopped in favor of Web 2.0.

Pass your method the desirable final percentage (default 100%), then resize the columns accordingly — that’s how my method works for both desktop and web ListBoxes.