WebListbox column span?

Is there a way to get a row to span more than one column in a WebListbox?

Do you mean that you want a weblistbox with say 5 columns and x number of rows? - that certainly is possible. Or do you want to merge cells from multiple columns within a row ? - that is not possible as far as I know.

WebListBox uses a table for it’s data display - so it is possible just not at all easy.
You will need some pretty clever JavaScript injections.

I mean that not every row has the same number of columns.

I am very familiar with the WebListBox inner workings. I don’t think it is reasonable to even hope being able to modify it with JavaScript to merge columns. Chances are that would simply break it outright.

It would seem preferable to store data in an array or a database, and present data in a grid of TextFields in Control Sets so you can modify their size at will, hide or show them in order to merge cells. I would give up smooth scrolling and use incremental scrolling like it is done in Desktop to keep it simple.

The other advantage is that you will have editable cells at will by switching readonly on/off.