WebListBox column headers are not shown

I have a WebListBox that does not show the text of the headers (and the headers are visibly shorter than on normal weblistboxes that Do display headers, in the same webapp.

Tried everything - same code creates the headers with .HeaderAt(x) etc. On this particular page headers don’t show, and on others they do. Screenshot of what it looks like and what it should look like below:



Have you enabled Has Headers, correct Column Count and Column Widths in IDE Inspector?
Use System.DebugLog for yourself.
Also useful are Breakpoints.

Positive, i have all those set and enabled and I also do that in the page Opening(), by setting
HasHeader and ColumnCount. As for columnwidths, the assumption is if it’s blank, it will distribute the widths. Previous release of Xojo was glitching a lot with manual columnwidths, hence I leave them blank.

Other listboxes on other pages all the have same settings but show the header, this one does not.

seems you have to use the Listbox opening event because in current xojo version i got a error at Page Opening if me set the column count there.

Me.ColumnCount = 3 'not in Page Opening
Me.ColumnWidths = "*"

Me.HasHeader = True
Me.HeaderAt(0) = "Hello A"
Me.HeaderAt(1) = "Hello B"
Me.HeaderAt(2) = "Hello C"

You’re absolutely right, when those were moved into the listbox opening() event it works. Thanks!

I think this should be documented, for others to avoid the frustration.

It is for ColumnCount, at least.

I wasn’t actually changing it, it was the same number as in IDE control settings.

If that’s the case, then the other properties may need to be updated to include the same statement. You should put in a Feedback Case detailing which ones were causing your issue.

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