WebListBox Behavior

I’m having some trouble with how the WebListBox control behaves.

I’m populating a WLB with a couple of hundred rows. Let’s say only ten rows are displayed (the top ten, initially). A user scrolls down beyond the initial ten and double-clicks a row to open up a form containing the details of the record that was selected (or selects the record and then clicks an “edit” button to open the same form). When the edit form is closed, the WLB repositions the list display to show the top ten rows again, even though the initially selected record is still selected.

I’d prefer that the WLB display not change so that the chosen row is still visible and that I don’t have to kick off a “ScrollTo” method to redisplay it.

I’m not closing the form containing the WLB, but simply showing it again. The only code I currently have in the “shown” event for the WLB form is the aforementioned “ScrollTo” code (if I comment it out, the same behavior happens).

Any hints on how to keep the WLB from “repositioning” its display?


No love on this issue? :frowning:

In any case, I modified my application to do some filtering rather than just scrolling through the content. It looks a lot cleaner.