WebListBox and Desktop ListBox Tutorial

Hi All
if some one have good experiense on sub class WebListBox and Desktop ListBox and can you the way how listbox can be modifie please make short Video and Share it so other can learn this help to the Developers need more on listbox need can put inexpensive price for the video like $10.00 so all interesting on do better job can be done

Is more people now About Xojo that is easy to works como customer for XOJO Company it get and bigger community.

Hm…well, we’ve had videos up on Desktop Listbox and Weblistbox for years. So far our Xojo web app has served up a little under 11,000 hours of video. http://xojo.bkeeney.com/XojoTraining/

i do no see video on how make exmple libox subclass dor fotns, change style and so on