WebLink.URL & WebPage.Show

I am looking at this URL in order to use the WebLink control to navigate to other pages on my app.

It says to set the URL property to “javascript:;” or “#” and put my code (WebPage.Show method) in the MouseUp event.

But… where is the MouseUp property on this control?
Looks like the documentation is a little inaccurate or lacking…

In Web 2.0 this control is missing the MouseUp. Xojo said that they will be adding events in future versions. That page applies to Xojo up to 2019r3.2 (Web 1.0).

You can use a WebButton and set its Indicator property to Link, then call myPage.Show in the Pressed event of the button.

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I’ve entered a Feedback Case to have the referenced page in the documentation updated appropriately for Web 2.0: