WebLabels on a Webcontainer are cut off


am I the only one who runs into this issue?
Weblabels that are placed on a Webcontainer are cut off in Xojo 2013.1 and 2013.2.

This was fixed some time ago for RealStudio

Would be great to get some feedback if somebody has a workaround for this.

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I don’t have this issue. There must be something else in your setup that’s causing it. Are you using a Style on the WebLabel? If so, what is the font size and top padding? I know that if you use a style and it specifies a different font or font size, then the IDE will no longer accurately display how it really looks when run. See <https://xojo.com/issue/26155>

Hi Jay,

thanks for your reply.
I looked into my Sample Project and it also happens without aStyle on the WebLabel.
But it only happens when the container is created on runtime.
I made an example: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2417981/weblabelbug.xojo_binary_project

Ah, there’s the critical piece of information. You should add that to the feedback case.

It will work correctly if you show the window before embedding the cc. Though this may produce a visual “delay” that you don’t want - seeing the window then seeing the cc appear. But it will at least work until they fix the bug. This is the same as reported in <https://xojo.com/issue/23473>.

I tried setting the .visible of the window to false before showing, then setting it back to true after embedding the cc so that everything appears at once, but that causes the label to not show at all. Looks like another bug.

thanks a lot