WebLabel Update Problem at Runtime in 2014r3

I just switched a Web project over to 2014r3 from 2014r2.1 and I am having some issues with WebLabels.

I routinely use them for dynamic messages and they frequently start out as empty labels at design time. These empty labels will NOT update with any text at runtime if they start out empty. If I add a single NON-Space character in the screen layout at design time they THEY WILL update at runtime. Adding a space to the label at design time does not work.

This appears in DEBUG on OSX and a deployed Web App on Windows.

Did I miss something that changed the behavior of WebLabels?

ALSO - Someday maybe the bug where you change the design time value of a label will mark the project as “dirty” and allow saving will be fixed.


is it the issue discussed here?


Greg has a patch available.

Sorry … I guess I was a bit redundant. In Louis D’s comments and I figured it might be related.

I will give the patch a “whirl”.

“I just love this computer stuff … I just love this computer stuff” - Spin around on your left foot three times while saying this phrase and it will all be ok.

Mark, I just tried your dance. I think it works!

Yep … all OK … the patch worked for me.

Whew. Thanks Greg. I envisioned my work around was to go to every label and update it with a non-space character.

I’ve got the same problem, someone can tell me why I cannot access to the Greg’s patch (it say that I have no permission)

Try the newer patch available to everyone.