WebLabel - Patch for Known Issues in 2014r3

Hey everybody!

A few issues were identified with WebLabel just before 2014r3 was released, so we’ve created a patch to resolve these issues in this particular version of the IDE:


0. Download the file
0. Unzip the archive
0. Drag the object into your project
0. Drag an instance of the WEUpdate2014r3 object to the first WebPage a user will see in your project (usually the one you have set in App.DefaultWebPage.

That’s it! It wlll load automatically when each session starts.

[h]What’s Included[/h]
There are two specific patches in this file, and if you select the instance, you will see two switches, one for each patch. This means that you can turn them on/off individually if you think one of them is causing you problems.

The first patch is for a very specific scenario: A control array of WebLabels placed on a WebDialog which was added to a WebPage at design time. In this case, the captions were not visible at all when the dialog was first shown. Resizing the dialog or setting the captions again would resolve the issue.

The second patch is more of a general WebLabel patch: We had a long standing bug from the original implementation which caused WebLabels to render differently depending on whether they were added at design-time or at runtime either through a control array or within a WebContainer which was added with EmbedWithin. That code was refactored for the 2014r3 release, but it was found that in certain circumstances, the framework relied on the buggy format that we removed. This patch fixes those cases.

The individual patches are set up to only load in the IDEs which present these errors, so you will be able to leave this code in your project if you move between IDEs and it should continue to work properly.

Update - We’ve added another fix to the WEUpdate 2014r3 for case #37482. You can download this new file here: