WebLabel cannot see 2014r3

I cannot see the data on the webLabels


i download the file and add to my WebApp and no works

You need to add it to the first page a user will visit when they open your app.

yes i make it that way and no works
my calendar show blanks

Ok. The best thing I can tell you to do is to create a private feedback case and privately attach a sample project with your calendar control in it, because I really need to see it in action to fix it.


I need you to add a sample project to that case. A screenshot doesn’t tell me anything.


Hi Greg

so how long it get to fix Weblabel i need to works on my web app

If you go back to the feedback case, I attached a new copy of your sample with the new WEUpdate file applied to it. When I run this new file, your calendar control works correctly.

Please download that project and try it on your computer.

ok thanks
let me check

yes now it works
Hi Greg
Grace for taking some of your valuable time to help me