Webkit and Google

I can’t reach any Google websites on my Webkit enabled HTMLViewer. Unfortunately I think it might have to do with the user agent, but you can’t set this for Webkit… Does anyone know a workaround/solution? Webkit is needed on Windows as IE is not working that well either.

Are you connecting as https?

Yes it is a standard search url for scholar (and working in the Safari version).

Could you show us what the full url is?

It won’t even load a simple https://www.google.com, but I am interested in something like (copied from the Mac version): https://scholar.google.com/scholar?as_q=On%20the%20relationship%20between%20climate%20and%20Neandertal%20fire%20use%20during%20the%20Last%20Glacial%20in%20south-west%20France%0A&as_authors=Sorensen

I just tried this here and it seems to be working fine.


I used 2018r2 on Windows 7

No it does not on my Windows 7 laptop…
Compiled with 2018 1.1 on OSX for Windows 64 bit.

Finally installed 2018 r2 and indeed then the viewer works. But it is fingers crossed if nothing else breaks because of the update… as I have to present the program tomorrow.

Unfortunately already found that retrieving the url and searching for text (plugin) do not work anymore with webkit… sigh it never ends with the htmlviewer.