Why are you the webinars so crappy when trying to stream them??? I’ve been trying to watch the database webinar and finally gave up after trying multiple times on different days.

Crappy doesn’t really give anyone anything to go on.

Is the quality low?
Does it take a long time to load?
Is it starting and stopping frequently?

The webinars are hosted on YouTube, so if the answer to any of those is yes, then the issue is between you and YouTube.

I just download them in HD and watch them off-line in the train …

Crappy as in they stop streaming after about 5 seconds and won’t resume. Jump to a new spot in the video and they will start, run about 5 seconds and stop and buffer again. No matter what, I just get buffering.

They seem to run ok if I go directly to Youtube and access them, but I’ve only tried a couple.

how did you download in HD??

I either use the VideoDownloadHelper add-on in Firefox or ClipGrab https://clipgrab.de

Note that the early webinars were not done in HD.

@Markus Winter I am not sure what to say as I watch many of them on Youtube directly with no issue. and I have downloaded several of them to my Mac and watched them with VLC with no problems either. Can you post or email/pm me some URLs of some of the videos you are having trouble with to see if I have problems too?


You‘ve got the wrong guy … :wink:

Markus. sorry I mixed up whom started the thread.